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Individual Therapy


Do you need the help of a therapist? 
  • Are you feeling sad, trapped, hopeless?
  • Are you frequently annoyed or irritated ?
  • Are your old ways of doing things no longer working for you?
  • Are you having difficulty adjusting to significant change or loss?
  • Do you find you no longer enjoy things that used to give you pleasure?
  • Are you tired of burdening your friends with your problems?
 If you have answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you might benefit from therapy.  Seeking help can be a sign of strength and hope rather than futility and failure.

How can individual therapy help? 
Therapists are trained to listen to you in a non-judgmental, supportive way.  I provide a safe, caring experience to help you discover what is getting in the way of your happiness. I offer both short term therapy for symptom relief and longer term therapy to promote  growth and fulfillment.  You decide what is best for you.

Through therapy you will gain insight into your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  I will use this awareness to help you discover your personal strengths, so that you can adopt more effective strategies to cope with the challenges that life presents.

In addition to talking about your problems, I can help you relieve anxiety, pain and fears through meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and visualization.  Many of my clients have benefited from these techniques, and continue to use them long after therapy is over.

I believe in the resilience of the human spirit.  With the help of a skillful, caring therapist you can create a more satisfying life.

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