Margaret Altschul, M.A., Psychotherapist

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Margaret Altschul is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Encino, CA. She works with adults who want to


·         Enhance relationships

·         Improve mood (Recover from depression)

·         Decrease anxiety

·         Cope with  grief, loss and life transitions


If you want to relieve your symptoms, Margaret can provide short term solution-focused therapy.   For more in-depth therapy to promote growth and make significant changes, Margaret uses an integrated approach that blends a variety of methods.  Margaret has advanced specialized training in the following areas:


·         Couples therapy

·         Anxiety

·         Adults with attention disorders (ADHD)

·         Sleep Disorders


Margaret draws on a wealth of life experience to bring warmth and common sense to the therapeutic experience.  Prior to becoming a therapist, Margaret was a teacher for special needs students, a business woman, a WeightWatchers© leader and an active community volunteer. In addition to her private practice, Margaret is the Director of the Wagner Program where she trains human services volunteers in basic counseling skills.


(818) 995-1388

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